Air Cargo

Cargo Clearing Process

ASYCUDA CUSDEC (Customs Declaration) has to be prepared in 4 copies (Warrant copy, Delivery Copy, Exchange Copy, Party's Copy). Cusdec can be processed either at Customs Long Room (Katunayake), or Importers office to whom the DTI facility has been given.

Prepared CUSDEC should be forwarded at the Long room along with following Documents:

  • Two bank stamped invoices/ packing list
  • Goods arrival notice/ Air Way Bill/ House Way Bill
  • Other documents needed (if necessary) Mentioned below are a few restricted items that needed Licenses/ approval etc.
    • Phones and accessories
      • TRC (Telecommunication Regulatory Commission)
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Medicines and Medical equipments
      • NMRA (National Medicines Regulatory Authority)
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Rifles, guns and other weapons
      • Ministry of Defence approval
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • Live plants
      • Plant Quarantine
    • Vegetables and fruits
      • IFIU (Imported Food Inspection Unit)
    • Live Animals
      • Animal Quarantine
      • ICL (Import Control License)
    • All Food Items
      • IFIU (Imported Food Inspection Unit)
    • Cosmetics
      • CDDA (Cosmetics Drugs Devices Authority)
    • Out boat Engines (more than 25 HP)/ Motor cycle engines (More than 250cc)
      • Ministry of Defence
      • ICL

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