BOI Coordination Directorate


BOI coordination directorate is under the purview of Revenue and Services Cluster. BCD is vested with the responsibilities of coordinating the activities of BOI projects that are essentially interwoven with the terms laid down in the Customs Ordinance (chapter 235). It will effectively coordinate the administrative and operational functions among Sri Lanka Customs, Board of Investment, BOI investors and stakeholders while ensuring the facilitation of legitimate trade practices and achievement of revenue targets set by the state.

All the Customs related activities and operations pertaining to BOI are streamlined through BOI coordination directorate. The directorate is headed by a Director of Customs who exercise his duties under the purview of Additional Director General (Revenue and Services). There are two Deputy Directors, four superintendents of Customs and eighteen Deputy/Assistant Superintendents of Customs assisted by other supporting staff.


  • HISTORY : BOI coordination directorate was established with effect from 01.01.2019.
  • DOPL : DOPL 1309
  • OPERATIONS : Screening and monitoring BOI import consignments
    : Verification of the contents and the quantities of BOI cargos
    : Facilitation of local sales and waste removal process of BOI enterprises
    : Facilitation and surveillance of Hub operations
    : Monitoring the liquidation of assets of terminated BOI projects
    : investigate abuses of BOI facilities, defrauding of duty & levies, fraudulent removal of cargo from BOI export processing zones

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