Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection (BCNP) Branch

Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection (BCNP) Branch

• Vision

To be the best Customs division in south Asia on biodiversity and cultural heritage protection

• Mission

Enforce the law in order to protect Biodiversity, Cultural & National heritage and ensure due revenue while facilitating the trade.

• Functions

• Enforce National and International laws relating to the movement of biodiversity related products.
• Check on description, classification and valuation of all biodiversity related imports and exports.
• Check on licensing requirements governing the import and export of fauna and flora and related products and any other irregularities affecting the functioning of Customs operations.
• Promote the development programs of the country through sustainable imports and exports of fauna and flora in a manner which not harm biological heritage of the country.

Mission of BCNP

Enforce the law to protect the Biodiversity

Objectives of BCNP

Biodiversity Protection and ensure due revenue of Sri Lanka by enforcement of relevant laws while facilitating the trade at Customs points

  • Enforce and monitor the National and International Laws relating to the Import and Export of Biodiversity related items.
  • Promotes the development programmes of the country through revenue collection, facilitation and enforcement in import and export of fauna & flora and also in a manner, which will not harm the rich biological heritage of the country.
  • Provide expert opinion and represent the department when required.
  • Educate and create awareness among the Customs staff as well as the public on the subject matter.
  • Exchange information and develop intelligence with National and International institutions concerned

Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection (BCNP) Branch

As the frontline protectors of Sri Lanka’s borders, Sri Lanka Customs is safeguarding our country at and beyond our borders. One of the major goals of Sri Lanka Customs is to protect the Sri Lankan society and its values, whether they are economic, environmental, historical or social. Sri Lanka Customs is bound to enforce various statutes relating to biodiversity, culture and national heritage at the point of importation and exportation, both locally and internationally.
Being a tropical island consisting of diverse ecosystems and inhering a treasure of flora and fauna, Sri Lanka has earned a placeamong one of the eight “Hottest Hot Spots of Biodiversity” in the world. As a result, a very high demand has been generated over the world for our wildlife species which have attracted animal and plant hunters and collectors to a great extent. High percentage of endemism, species rareness, ornamental value, texture and quality of our species havealso enhanced this attraction and have caused over exploitation. In the meantime, introduction of modern technology and sophisticated techniques in smuggling activities have posed serious challenges to Sri Lanka customs in monitoring and containing the illegal disposal of bio diversity related items.
Having regarded to the need of achieving this goal, a Biodiversity Protection Unit has been established in Sri Lanka Customs,in 1993. According to the available information, this is the world’s first Customs Biodiversity Protection Unit.
Possessing a written history of two thousand five hundred years and another thousands years of prehistoric evidence, Sri Lanka has marked its place in the world map with its rich historic and cultural heritage. Sri Lanka Customs has taken the responsibility of protecting this legacy seriously, and is actively engaged in preventing the illegal disposal of portable artefacts of Sri Lankan heritage along with preventing the smuggling of wild life.
During the process of customs reformation, in 2010,Biodiversity Protection Unitwas reformed and renamed as Biodiversity, Cultural andNational Heritage Protection (BCNP) branch and was placed within Social protection Directorate. Hence the scope of the bio diversity unit was enhanced in order to accommodate Cultural and national heritage protection also.

Structure of BCNP

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