Biodiversity, Cultural and National Heritage Protection (BCNP) Branch

Awards achieved by BCNP

Activities of Biodiversity Protection Unit has causes to draw some Awards to Sri Lanka Customs:

  • Due to the activities of Biodiversity Protection Task Force of Customs, in 1996 the Customs Department has been elected and awarded by the “Soba Sineru” (SOTV). “National Environmental Award of Sri Lanka” given by “Sri Lanka Environmental Journalists Forum” (SLEJF) in recognition of outstanding practical achievements in the protection and improvement of the environment within last decade(1986 – 1995)
  • Year 1996- The activities of Biodiversity Protection unit was selected as one of the best Environmental success stories and this was featured in the book of SLEJF which was written on the above topic under the title of “customs officers fighting against Gene Piracy”

Due to the performance on the subject matter, some officers of BCNP have been awarded as follows:
  • Year 2005 - Presidential Environmental Award “With the objective of protection the environment for future generations through the promotion of environment friendly culture” – presented the President’s Environmental Award – 2004 for Excellent Services Rendered in the outstanding contribution sector.
  • Year 2004 – Awarded by Customs Inspectors Union for “Outstanding Performance on Controlling of Illegal Wildlife Trade & Antiquities”.
  • Year 2004 – Awarded by Young Zoologist’s Association of Sri Lanka for “The Contribution towards Conservation of Biodiversity of Sri Lanka”.
  • Year 2002 – Awarded by “Mihidaru Prasadini”, Environmental award by the Federation of Green Movements (Haritha Eka Muthuwa) for the commitment to protect the natural resources of Sri Lanka.
  • Year 2001 – Awarded by the Circle of the Small Scale Entrepreneurs of Ornamental Fish for “The outstanding performance in Protection of Natural Resources from Illegal Export Trade”.

The performances of BCNP & BPTF has been appreciated by various institutions such as:
  • Green Media Forum - 2005
  • Thurstan College, Colombo - 2004
  • Dharmashoka Vidyalaya, Ambalangoda - 2003
  • Dharmapala College, Pannipitiya - 2002
  • Sunethra Devi Vidyalaya, Pepiliyana - 2001
  • North – East Commander of Sri Lanka Navy - 1999

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