CIU Directorate

Central Intelligence Directorate

Gathering information and developing intelligence is an essential component of any law enforcing agency. In the Customs department also the Central Intelligence directorate is made for that purpose. Like in almost all the Customs administrations in the world, in Sri Lanka Customs also an Intelligence unit was established. Started as a small unit before a decade this unit was upgraded to a directorate in 2010. Headed by a director this directorate is armed with 24 persons belongs to different ranks.

The main objectives of the Intelligence directorate is to collect information, storing and analyzing them, develop intelligence and disseminate to appropriate working points.

The Central Intelligence Directorate is responsible to provide more effective, timely, accurate and relevant intelligence to operational units and to senior management in support of achieving their goals in collection of revenue and trade facilitation while protecting the community.

The objectives are;

  • To ensure furnishing of intelligence in support of decision making to achieve the department objectives.
  • Be the National Contact Point (NCP) and Focal Point for sharing of intelligence and enforcement assistance.
  • To emphasize the operation of intelligence led control system on cargo and passenger clearance.
  • To ensure national security on cross boarder cargo and passenger movements.

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