Declaration Directorate

DOC Center

Main Function

  • Issuing Customs Gate Passes (Internal) for all FCL consignments (Imports. BOI. INFAC, Bonds, UPB, Containers detained by various investigation branches including RTF)
  • Issuing of instructions to issue SLPA/SAGT/CICT gate passes for removing containers from their terminals.

Documents receiving to the Doc Centre

  • (a) Screened CusDecs from the Screening Units in Long Room Bonds Division and the BOI are forwarded to DOC centre to enable them to issue Customs Internal Gate Passes
  • (b) Pink Copy of the Delivery Order along with copies of Invoice and B/L are submitted to SC ā€“ DOC Centre to enable him to authorize SLPA/SAGT/CICT to issue gate passes for removal of containers from the respect container terminals.

Above mentioned Pink Copy of the Delivery Order is submitted to the Customs for the first time at the Doc Centre (The same is not attached to the set of documents processed at the Declaration Directorate/Long Room and it does not carry any of endorsements made by the Customs)

Procedure followed at the Doc Centre

  • Delivery Copy of the screened Cusdec and Pink Copy of Delivery Order registered at the doc centre (attended by ICC I)
  • Registered Documents mentioned at (3) (a) are submitted to SC (Doc Centre)
  • Once the documents are authenticated by SC (Doc Centre)
    • Pink copy of the DO is submitted to SLPA/SAGT/CICT to be entered into the system and to get a Gate Pass to remove the container from the container terminal.
    • Delivery Copy of the CusDec is forwarded to the ASC (Doc Centre) along with the SLPA/SAGAT/CICT gate pass to be entered to the system and Customs Internal Gate Pass are issued by ASC (Doc Centre)
    • After issuing the Customs Gate Pass Photo copies of the Delivery Copy of the related CusDec and the CHA pass of Wharf Assistant along with the Green Copy of the Customs Internal Gate Pass are filed and registered by CICC (Doc Centre)
  • After obtaining those two gate passes [(SLPA/SAGT/CICT) and Customs Internal Gate Pass] containers are allowed to remove from the container terminals and moved up to the New Container Gate where Customs Out Pass is issued and allowed to remove the container form the port premises.

  • At the New Container Gate container is sealed with customs container seal and the seal number is printed in the Customs Gate Pass.

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