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Motor Vehicle Unit Process

The “ASYCUDA World” software now employed in the ACCESS network enables Customs to link with individual banks to check the foreign exchange remitted in importing the vehicle, and links with the Department of Motor Traffic to facilitate the registration of vehicles so imported, thereby preventing registration of non-customs motor vehicles.

The officials make special attention to the following aspects;

When CusDecs are processed.

  • a. ICL for gift vehicles and over aged vehicles
  • b. Concessionary and conditional import permits for the Government Servant, Members of Parliament and BOI
  • c. Permit issued by the Central Bank for NRFC Holders
  • d. Duty Free certificates issued by the Ministry of External Affairs to the DPL and NGO
  • e. Provisional Cusdecs for the vehicles imported for projects.

Documents to be submitted to import a motor vehicle in to Sri Lanka are as follows

  1. Customs Declaration(Customs 53), (Warrant copy, Delivery Copy, RMV Copy, Exchange copy and Parties copy)
  2. Commercial Invoice (manually signed and endorsed by the Bank other than in instances where goods has been imported on NFE basis)
  3. Bill of Lading (BL)
  4. Delivery Order (DO)
  5. Letter of Credit(LC)
  6. Insurance Certificate
  7. Cancellation of Registration Certificate(CR)(Export Certificate) with a laminated copy
  8. English Translation of the Cancellation of Registration Certificate
  9. Pre-shipment inspection certificate and a laminated copy
  10. Working sheet for motor vehicles
  11. Import Control Certificate for over aged vehicles
  12. Mud certificate for used machinery(Ex. Backhoe, JCB)

While ensuring the correctness of the under mentioned facts whether the,

  • a. Goods have been properly described as per the
    Certificate of Registration
    Inspection certificate
    Examination report of the Appraiser who examines the vehicle at the yard
  • b. Age of the vehicle has been correctly calculated
  • c. Customs valuation is correctly declared for the subject vehicle
  • d. Currency has been correctly entered as per the invoice
  • e. Country of Origin is correctly declared.
  • f. The description of the has been correctly declared
  • g. Freight chargers are correctly declared
  • h. Options declared tally with the inspection certificate
  • i. Due Permit is granted for the concessionary imports; the clearance of the vehicle shall be allowed by the DDC(D Branch) / DDC (M/V)

Procedure for passing Motor Vehicle Entries

FOB : Higher amount of invoiced value or Customs reference value
Freight : Higher amount of invoiced freight of Bill if Lading freight

Vehicles landed in Colombo Harbour are examined prior to appraising
Vehicles landed in Hambanthota Harbour are appraised and satisfied subject to examination

Vehicles landed in Colombo – passed for delivery
Vehicles landed in Hambanthota Harbour are released for examination
(passed for delivery after examination at Hambanthota)

All the cusdecs processed at the Motor Vehicle Unit are linked with the Motor Vehicle Department for registration purposes

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