ICT Directorate


  • Maintain and upgrade of,
    • ASYCUDA World System
    • ASYCUDA World New System
    • Cargo Control System
    • Motor Control System
    • THINETH System
    • Bank Remittance System
    • Central Case Registration System
    • IPR System
    • Accounting System
    • Manifest XML Uploading System
    • Regulatory Approval Monitoring System
  • Development of the software related to Customs functions.
  • Expansion of the system to non computerized areas of the department.
  • Addressing day to day problems of the system.
  • Provide training to the customs staff and other stakeholders
  • Registration of importers and exporters into the system
  • Maintenance of the Customs web site
  • Provide technical assistance to the other divisions of the department
  • Recommend future developments to the administration.
  • Provide and share information with other departments
  • Provide information regarding traders to other organizations for the purpose of investigations.
  • Provide training to Customs and BOI officials on ASYCUDA system.
  • Coordination with EDI service provider and other IT divisions of the other departments.
  • Provide statistical reports to ministries, traders and the central bank.
  • Screening of the data base and detect revenue frauds.

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