Policy Planning and Research Directorate


Policy, Planning and Research Directorate is mainly responsible for policy issues, Tarrif issues and international affairs. Its broad objectives can be summarized as follows.

  1. Assisting the Director General of Customs in developing the Departmental Policies and converting the same to procedures to be implemented by respective Directorates; conveying such decisions to the officers for information and compliance.
  2. When requested, assisting the line Ministries and Departments in
    I. Developing economic/ trade policies and
    II. Converting such policies to tariff measures;
  3. Conveying Tariff Measures to the officers and the public as relevant for information and implementation.
  4. Ensuring that the National Customs Tarrif is maintained in the most updated status; attending to all Tariffs related inquiries and resolving Tariff related disputes.
  5. Ensuring that the information required by public for promoting self compliance is available through the Customs information center.
  6. Representing the Sri Lanka Customs Department at WCO, its Regional Bodies and other International Organizations (WTO and Secretariats of MEAs) and at Bi-lateral and Multi-lateral Trade Negotiations
  7. Adopting the WCO's recommendations and best practices by converting to policies and procedures in order for the Department to achieve its vision.

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