Preventive Directorate

Preventive Directorate


Preventive Directorate is the main law enforcement arm of Sri Lanka Customs, having surveillance overall aperational areas of Customs, particularly the seaports, waterfronts, waterways and the territorial-waters, international airports, Free Trade Zones, Export Processing Zones, Goods Examination Yards and inland clearance depots.

It consists of several branches, namely, Administration, "P" Branch, Operations, Investigations, Marine, Mega-port Surveillance, Sales, Central Disposal Unit and several sub preventive offices established around the Island at strategically located coastal cities.


The scope of the Preventive Directorate basically focuses on the enforcement aspect by way of prevention of smuggling, commercial frauds and other offences while safeguarding the socio economic, cultural and environmental interests of the country by being operative on broader protection routines at all the sea and airports.

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